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Your search for the highest quality shipping containers stops here! We have shipping containers that can keep and protect any of your goods safely and securely. Our Gold Coast shipping containers experts are ready to walk you through your options at Coastal Containers. We are bound to improve your entire storage experience.

These quality containers can either be for sale or hire contracts on a short as well as long term basis. We offer many types of containers depending what you or your business needs. Our bestsellers are the following:
• refrigerated
• insulated
• modified shipping containers
• 10′, 20′ and 40′ General Purpose Shipping Containers

Should any of our ready containers fall short of your requirements, they can be customised and necessary accessories can be built according to your specifications. We can also place security lock boxes so that your goods will be safe.

The fabrication materials used for these shipping containers are of premium quality. They were built to be water-tight and can weather extreme temperatures and other oscillations. These materials make them durable and safe even if purchased as second-hand. Gold Coast shipping containers can be purchased new as well as second hand depending on your budget.

Shipping Containers Gold Coast were designed to be easily placed in columns for more storage space, and to have everything you need packed in a compact design.

Look no more because Shipping Containers Gold Coast is definitely the ideal choice for any storage or transport job. Our Coastal Containers trained experts team is ready for your calls and orders. Dial 1300 881 676 to purchase or hire our top quality containers.

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